About Us

Montoya Law, P.A. is a Miami, Florida-based law firm with a global reach, offering professional legal and mediation services. We believe in a collaborative approach, keeping our clients well-informed throughout the legal process. Understanding the stress that legal matters can bring, we provide compassionate and responsive support.

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Trial Acumen

We're proud of our accomplished team of legal professionals who have achieved remarkable success in specific areas of law. Our attorneys have refined their skills through years of dedicated practice, gaining a reputation for determination, strategic thinking, and unwavering support for our clients' needs.

Whether dealing with intricate legal conflicts or complex disputes, we approach each case with meticulous preparation and a steadfast commitment to achieving positive results.

With a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we guide our clients through every step of the trial process, providing strong representation and ensuring their voices are heard as we pursue justice.

Mediation Approach

We understand that not all legal matters require traditional courtroom proceedings. Montoya Law, P.A. offers a specialized focus on mediation and arbitration services. Led by Edward Montoya, a certified mediator, we excel in fostering constructive conversations and facilitating mutually acceptable solutions.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to efficiently resolve disputes, preserving valuable relationships. Our dedication to alternative dispute resolution reflects our belief in the effectiveness of communication, empathy, and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

With a proven history of successful mediation and arbitration outcomes, we empower our clients to navigate challenging situations with confidence and clarity.

Our Process

At Montoya Law, P.A., we have a streamlined process to ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves:


Begin by securing a consultation time via our Calendly-linked Case Evaluation form, where sharing your case details will assist us in understanding the nature of your legal matter. If you're ready for mediation, feel free to expedite the process using the "Book Mediation" button.


Expect our call at the time you've selected using our Calendly system. During this appointment, we will delve deeper into your circumstances, offering you a well-informed analysis of your available choices.


Should we proceed with your case, rest assured we will steadfastly champion your rights. Employing either aggressive litigation or skillful mediation, we'll tirelessly pursue the most favorable resolution possible.

Ready to take the next step? Connect with our expert legal team today.